Due to the upgrading of the TOKS Big Four International....NO PRIZES WILL BE AWARDED AT THIS TIME. We are currently making some adjustments that will better serve the competing anglers. An announcement regarding the new methods behind awarding prizes to the winners will soon be made available. PLEASE STAY TUNED!!!.... ...For now please feel free to upload any fish you catch while competing in our upcoming seasonal TOKS contests.
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Current TOKS Contest
Winter Contest  Nov 15 - Feb 16 12:00am

The Winter TOKS Contest is in session.
*Contest Begins at 12:00am U.S. Eastern Time*
*Contest Ends at 12:00am U.S. Western Time*
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United States, Canada, Mexico
East & West Europe
England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland
South Africa, Australia
South America
Anglers 9 0 0 2 0
Fish 10 0 0 0 0
Common 10 0 0 0 0
Mirror 0 0 0 0 0
Koi 0 0 0 0 0
Average 13.09 lbs /
6.15 kgs
0 0 0 0
Total 137.01 lbs /
62.56 kgs
lbs /
0 kgs
lbs /
0 kgs
lbs /
0 kgs
lbs /
0 kgs
Total Combined Weight 137.01 lbs / 62.56 kgs
Recent Activity
Recent Fish Uploaded
Recent Fish Uploaded Rob Nappi of  NY , United States United States
Date & Time - 11/29/2015 6:59:33 PM
Fish Weight - 15.06 lbs / 6.99 kgs
Fish Points - 2
Total Points - 29
Busy Points - 1
World Big Four Leader
World BIG FOUR Leader Frank Rink of  IL , United States United States
Fish Count - 4
Total Weight - 44.01 lbs / 20.28 kgs
Total Points - 175
Busy Points - 48
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Ken Keene
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Ken Keene
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Recent Members
Name Angler Country
daniele sciubba Italy
Colt Fogle United States
Allan Lo
Allan Lo Total Points: 0 Busy Points: 0
United States
Nicholas Wasilik Canada
Joshua Fuchs South Africa
Ewalt Aylward South Africa
stuart roffe United States
martin kania Czech Republic
andy takach United States
836 anglers / 26 different countries
Worldwide Country Point Leaders
Total Points Busy Points Country
2275269 United States
85248 South AFrica
47994 Canada
26514 Croatia
26434 Australia
1409 England
13710 Czech Republic
984 Bulgaria
661 France
614 Slovakia
264 Romania
193 Brazil
171 Mexico
71 Spain
00 Hungary
00 Macedonia
00 Portugal
00 Austria
00 Norway
00 Italy
00 Ireland
00 European Union
00 Belgium
00 Poland
00 Wales
00 Germany
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TOKS Big Four International

One of the most exciting and new competitions' that has been getting much attention is the "Worlds Largest FREE Online Carp Fishing competition", TOKS Big Four International. Known for awarding prizes and international recognition, the TOKS Big Four International has an annual prize table valued at 30,000.00 EUR - 35,000.00 EUR and more than 40 sponsors worldwide.
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As the way fishing is going with the want for more commercial and big fish waters, there are now so many more mouths which means more fish being hooked with the number of anglers on the increase all chasing their prize catch. Large head of carp plus anglers can only result in more carp being caught so we need now more than ever to get into a routine for treating every fish being small or big.
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